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"Dwight Seigler, a dedicated community activist with over four decades of service in Brevard County, particularly in North Brevard, has been actively engaged in various community initiatives since his high school years. Following a brief stint in college in Tallahassee, Florida, Dwight enlisted in the U.S. Army, where he served as an Operations & Intelligence Assistant in an Air Defense Missile Command Brigade for approximately 10 years before receiving an honorable discharge.

Upon returning to his hometown of East Mims in unincorporated North Brevard, Dwight recognized the need for community development and revitalization. He collaborated with the East Mims Progressive Civic League, an organization he had been involved with since high school, to secure grant funding from entities such as the Brevard County Housing & Human Services Department, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the State of Florida's State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP). The East Mims Community received approximately $15 million in grant funding, which was utilized for various impactful projects, including:

- Home Replacement Project: Dwight led the initiative to replace over 70 old wooden homes with new concrete block homes at no cost to the homeowners.
- Public Drinking Water Lines: He oversaw the installation of public drinking water lines, offering discounted water connection fees starting at $25 and gradually transitioning to regular rates.
- Installation of Fire Hydrants: Dwight facilitated the installation of fire hydrants throughout the East Mims Community to enhance fire safety and emergency response capabilities.
- Infrastructure Improvement Projects: He spearheaded projects such as curbing, sidewalk, and drainage enhancements on Harry T. Moore Ave., as well as the paving of all dirt roads in the community.
- Recent Projects: Dwight was involved in recent initiatives, including the installation of sidewalks and drainage systems on Wiley Ave., further enhancing the community's infrastructure and safety.

Through his tireless efforts and dedication, Dwight Seigler has significantly contributed to the betterment of the East Mims Community, improving living conditions, infrastructure, and overall quality of life for its residents."

Paid for by Dwight Seigler, for Brevard County Commissioner District 1
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