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The 2024 District #1 Brevard County Commissioner election is a very important election for North Brevard. Especially for the residents living in the unincorporated areas of North Brevard and concerning the Indian River Lagoon. The district #1 seat will be an open seat, since Rita Pritchett is termed out after 8 years, which is two four year terms. The people in the unincorporated communities feel like they have been ignored by the district #1 commissioner’s office for the past 16 years. That’s 8 years of Rita Pritchett and 8 years of Robin Fisher, who preceded her in that office. People in Scottsmoor feel like it’s been taxation without representation. They are paying the same tax rate as everyone else in Brevard County, but here in the year 2024, they still don’t have public drinking water lines, they don’t have fire 🔥 hydrants, they don’t have adequate fire fighter staffing, the closest EMS service has to come from Mims Station #22, they don’t have the much needed public bus transportation service, the last bus #5, comes to Scottsmoor at about 4:35 pm, and doses not even come all the way up to Scottsmoor, but turns around at the Canaveral National Cemetery. If a person from Mims and Scottsmoor happen to get off work on a job in Titusville at 5:00 pm , the current bus service is useless, because the last bus comes to Mims at about 4:27 pm  and Scottsmoor about 4:35 pm. There are more dirt roads and ditches in Scottsmoor than there are in the rest of Brevard County combined. The infrastructure in unincorporated District #1 is like a Third World Country compared to the rest of Brevard County.
I’ve been told by many people here in North Brevard that they believe that it’s time to elect a District #1 Commissioner, that was raised right here in unincorporated North Brevard. Katie Delaney and Robert J🏀rdan were not raised in Brevard County’s District #1, and they are both out of touch with what’s going on in this vast district. Katie Delaney a 33 year old, was raised in Rockledge  FL, after graduating from Rockledge High School, at around the age of 18, she got married and then embarked upon 8 years of her husband’s United States Air Force service, she has spent the past about 7 years living in Port St. John. Katie like Robert does not  know her way around this vast district #1 nor does she know the issues, needs, cares or concerns of the unincorporated community’s residents. Robert J🏀rdan was raised in the state of Georgia. He came to North Brevard as an engineer with Space Shuttle Program. He does not know or relate very well with the everyday people in unincorporated North Brevard, he does not know the needs, cares, issues and the concerns of the residents in unincorporated North Brevard and he does not even know his way around in this large unincorporated district. Especially the unincorporated communities such as Scottsmoor, East Mims, Sharps, Canaveral Groves, West Cocoa. Dwight Seigler, happens to be the only candidate in the race that was raised in the unincorporated North Brevard, and lived on the same street for sixty six years, and that’s on Pineapple Ave, in the East Mims community.


I will be the commissioner for all the people throughout Brevard County, regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation. The question to the people of North Brevard is, if they want to elect  a county commissioner to do the same things that the past two commissioners have done for the last sixteen years, which is nothing, then they should vote for Robert Jordan. Or if they want to elect a young lady that does not even know her way around the district, does not know the issues, cares, and concerns of the people in district, especially the unincorporated areas of the district, then they should elect Katie Delaney. If they want a well rounded county commissioner that will bring local government back to the people and a county commissioner that will visit the communities and listen to the people. And if they want a county commissioner that believes that "It's The People's Time", then they should ELECT DWIGHT SEIGLER. "IT'S THE PEOPLE'S TIME"

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Election Day

August 20, 2024
Paid for by Dwight Seigler, for Brevard County Commissioner District 1
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