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What Has Dwight Done For The Community?

Dwight Seigler, a Disabled U.S.Army Veteran, has been a community activist for over forty years in all of Brevard County, but mainly in North Brevard communities, starting in his high school years. After a brief period of the college life in Tallahassee Florida, Dwight enlisted in the US Army. After his time in the US Army as an Operations & Intelligence Assistant, in an Air Defense Missile Command Brigade. Upon completion of about 10 years, and being honorably discharged from the Army, he returned home to the East Mims Community, which is located in unincorporated North Brevard. Dwight saw that the community was basically in much the same condition that it was when he left. He then began to work with the East Mims Progressive Civic League, the same community organization he had worked with in high school. The organization had begun to work with the Brevard County Housing & Human Services Department, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the State of Florida’s, State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP), receive grants for housing and community development programs. The East Mims Community’s grant funding is in the neighborhood of about Fifteen Million Dollars ($15,000,000). That grant funding was used for projects such as:

Home Replacement Project, which was the tearing down of over seventy (70) old wooden homes and rebuilding them into concrete block homes, at NO COST TO THE HOMEOWNERS.

Public Drinking Water Lines, which offered water connection discount fee that started at Only $25 that then moved up to the regular fee over a period of time.

Installation Of Fire Hydrants, throughout the East Mims Community.

Curbing, Sidewalk, Drainage Project, on the 1 mile stretch of Harry T. Moore Ave.

Dirt Road Paving Project , all of the dirt roads in the East Mims Community has been paved.

Sidewalk and drainage Projects, recent installation of a sidewalk and drainage on Wiley Ave., from US #1 almost to Hammock Rd., and a sidewalk and drainage on East Main St., from Walgreens to end of pavement.

Gymnasium/Community Center, a community gymnasium was built by request from the East Mims Civic League from the East Mims residents. The facility was named the Cuyler Community Center, and is located at Cuyler Park. This facility has a basketball court and it is also used by pickleball and volleyball players. The building has a game room, a computer room and two classrooms, which one of them is being used by a private school. The facility is under the control of the Brevard County Parks and Recreation 

Muti-Purpose Building, located at the Cuyler Community Center, it was named by request of Mr. Dwight Seigler, the president of the East Mims Civic League, as the Crandall J. Warren Building. This building was built by request of the residents of the East Mims Community. The building has an electric appliance kitchen that includes an 8 eye stovetop, double ovens, commercial microwave, commercial refrigerator and freezer. The building comes with a stage, sound system, lighting controls system, wall mounted bingo board with the bingo equipment. The building was built as a place for the community to have plays, parties, weddings, baby showers, meetings, and many other events and activities. This facility can be rented through the Brevard County Parks Department.

Large Outdoor Pavilion, was built by request of the East Mims Civic League and the residents of the East Mims Community. The facility was built as a place to have large outdoor events. It was requested to have gas appliances. The facility comes with a 6 eye gas stove with a double oven, gas deep fryer and a gas griddle. It also has electric appliances such as commercial ice machine, commercial refrigerator and freezer. The facility has a roll up serving window and outside restrooms.

Dwight Seigler has founded and been involved with many more local boards, and organizations to list



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