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"Having engaged deeply with community leaders and residents throughout Brevard County’s District #1, particularly in our underrepresented rural areas, I have a firsthand understanding of the local needs and concerns. Here’s my plan to address these critical issues as your next District Commissioner:
- **Infrastructure:** I am committed to enhancing our infrastructure, ensuring our roads and public utilities are robust and reliable.
- **Education:** I will advocate for better youth summer jobs program, to insure that our youth have access to a high-quality learning environments.
- **Public Safety:** My priority is to strengthen public safety, providing our law enforcement and emergency services with the support they need to protect and serve effectively.
- **Economic Development:** Focusing on sustainable development, I aim to boost local employment and economic opportunities.

Your concerns are my concerns. Together, we can work towards a prosperous future for District #1. I am ready to take on these challenges and represent your voice in every decision I make."


Fully Funding Our First Responders

Our Brevard County First Responders, including the Sheriff Department, the Fire Department, the EMS Department, and the Emergency Management Department, Must be First and Foremost in every community and by all it’s citizens. As the District #1 County Commissioner, I would think outside of the box to find every available dollar to ensure that our First Responders are fully funded, and have all of the latest, up to date and adequate amounts of equipment and supplies needed, as they strive to be the best First Responders in the state. Even with that, they would have the necessary staff to ensure the safety of the public. That means things like having all-terrain Fire and Ambulance vehicles, like those used by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center and by the US Military, to respond to the residents in rural areas like Scottsmoor, last but not least we need to ensure our First Responders that we are all in on providing them the equal wages to the surrounding counties, to ensure that they stay with us, here in Brevard County.

Brevard County Employees Pay Raises

Brevard County is short-staffed on fire firefighters, and the main reason for that is because of pay. It is too large of a gap in pay between the Kennedy Space Center, and the surrounding cities and countries. We have other employees that have more than ten years with Brevard  County and there are people who can start working for McDonald's, making more money per hour than the county workers. We need to find ways to free up money to pay the county employees equal to the pay of the surrounding cities and counties.

Corruption, Waste and Theft

Corruption, Waste and Theft are issues that a lot of people are concerned about in Brevard County Government. I would advocate for an Office Of Inspector General (IG). The Office of the IG, would assure  Read More

Developers & Contractors

As the District #1 Commissioner, the policy in this district would be that all Developers and Contractors would have to sit down and meet with the current homeowners associations and or groups, to come up with meeting of the minds on an agreed upon plan for development. I would not vote to approve the proposed development until that plan is presented to me.

Youth Summer Jobs & Training Program

We need to create a Youth Summer Jobs And Training Program, similar to the Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA), that was created by the Federal Government in 1974 thru 1983. The CETA Program helped the youth by providing them with earned income to buy school clothes and supplies for them and their younger siblings, it helped the the families meet their needs, it helped the economy because that money was spent back into the economy and it helped law enforcement and the court system, because so many young people were working and not out creating dumb juvenile crimes. These jobs would be with the cities, the county, NASA, the NASA contractors, lawyer offices, etc. So, summer jobs would be a win win for everyone.

Install A Traffic Light At The Intersection Of US Hwy #1 & Folsom/ Wiley Rd

This intersection is at Folsom/Wiley Rd, & US Hwy. #1, where the Mims Post Office is located, making this an already a very busy intersection. Now with the development of 440 of the approximate 5000 new homes to very soon be built in that area, it will make that a much more dangerous intersection. I personally know of numerous people that have been killed in that intersection, to include my very own 24 year old, Beautiful granddaughter Jada Seigler being one of them. As the county commissioner I would work with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), to install a much needed traffic light in this intersection ASAP.

The Drainage Issues In North Brevard

Whenever it rains hard or for a long period of time, we would probably all agree that we have a flooding problem here in North Brevard. I can look down in some of the drains and see all kinds of junk in the drains, like kiddy toys, little bicycles, bicycle rims, and other parts, etc. Roads & Bridges Department needs to clean all those drains of debris on a regular schedule and keep the drainage ditches clean and mowed, to ensure that the water will rapidly flow to where it is supposed to go.

Free Summer Recreation Program

As taxpayers we are paying for our parks and recreation center’s expenses, therefore our children are attending these parks and community center's year round. So why should parents have to pay for their children, to go to those same facilities in the summer? Summer recreation should be FREE for all the children.There should be a FEE for all of the field trips that will be taken by each facility. Those fees should be calculated and given to the parents well before the summer, so that they can be aware of what the field trips are going to cost. We could also ask for sponsors to help some parents with a few children pay for their kids, to assure that no child is left behind.

Adovcate For All Brevard County Buildings/Facilities To Be Switched To Solar

Cities, Counties, Government Agencies, Hospitals and Homeowners are switching to Solar. The VA Clinic in Viera is even on Solar. The Kennedy Space Center has a few very large Solar Panel Parks. Brevard County could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by installing solar panels on its buildings. Freeing up money to do other things with, without having having to ask the taxpayers for more.

Brevard County Public Bus Transportation Services, To Scottsmoor

The Brevard County bus transportation system in North Brevard needs a complete overhaul, currently the last bus #5, comes to Mims at about 4:27 p.m., that means that if you get off work at 5:00 p.m. in Titusville, that bus service is useless. Everyone getting on the #5 bus in Mims are coming from the East Mims Comm(unity, therefore the #5 bus should run through Harry T. Moore Ave., then all these people would not have to walk out of their neighborhood to catch the bus. Currently the #5 bus does not run all the way into Scottsmoor, but turns around at the Canaveral National Cemetery. The residents down into Scottsmoor and down into areas like Aurantia and Hog Valley are not receiving this much needed service that’s provided to the rest of the residents of Brevard County.

Install Solar LED Streetlights Along US Hwy #1, From Parrish Medical To Scottsmoor

It is very dark on US Hwy #1, from Parrish Medical Center in Titusville, all the way up through Mims, to Scottsmoor. I will work with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to install Solar LED streetlights, from Titusville to Scottsmoor, on US Hwy #1

Revitalizing The Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department

Our Parks Department is lifeless, and not creative. We need new leadership that’s not afraid to think outside of the box. Parks & Recreation should be lively, bright, fun, and exciting. Our parks should have lots of colorful flowers and plants. Flowers🌺 bring out the birds🦅 and the butterflies🦋. The recreation centers need to offer arts and crafts classes for children and adults. Pool, table tennis, and chess tournaments. North Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department needs to be completely structured, to make our park facilities more inclusive.

Establishing A Homeless Assistance Center In North Brevard

It’s time for us to have some serious conversations about addressing the issue of homelessness in North Brevard. Especially in the winter, just to not care about about anyone being out in freezing temperatures, is cold hearted. Brevard County owns Hatbill Park which is located out on SR #46 East near the Volusia County line, the park consists of a large fishing lake, male and female showers, an old restaurant, RV hookups, a large area for tents.This site would make great location for a Homeless Assistance Center, operated by Brevard County Parks and Recreation.

Mims/Scottsmoor Community Center

We had community meetings before concerning a Mims/Scottsmoor Community Center. I believe it’s time to resume those talks.

Repaving & Dirt Road Paving In Scottsmoor

Scottsmoor has more dirt roads than the rest of the county combined. The cost of road paving has gone up, so we have to think outside of the box on finding ways to get the dirt roads paved. One of those ways is by Chip Seal Paving. With Chip Seal Paving, we could pave a few miles for what would cost to pave just one mile, using the conventional paving process.

Public Drinking Water And Fire Hydrants To Scottsmoor

The Brevard County Public Drinking Water lines run North along US#1 and the walking trail that used to be the old Florida East Coast Railroad Tracks. The water lines end at the Scottsmoor Firehouse on US#1. Those waterlines need to continue North to Scottsmoor and East and West of US#1, to provide drinking water to all residents of North Brevard. Those waterlines would also make it possible for residents to have Fire hydrants in their neighborhoods. If this had been done before the 1994 fires, there would have been a lot less property damage to the area. Thank God, so many Fire Engines and Tankers showed up from all over the state and Southern Georgia to assist, or we could have lost a whole community in North Brevard.

Complete Overhaul Of The Scottsmoor Boat Ramp

The Scottsmoor boat ramp and parking area is due for a complete restoration and beautification, to include Solar LED lighting over the ramp area and the parking area.

Install Sidewalks In Scottsmoor

Install sidewalks throughout the community, once the street paving issues are completed

Truth And Transparency About The Indian River

We are still kicking the can down the river. They are not telling the people enough information about what is really going on with the river. It’s time to come clean and tell the people that the City of Titusville is still intentionally pumping raw untreated sewage into the Indian River and have been doing it for decades. It’s time to talk about it and maybe file a class action lawsuit against the city.

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